Airtec employs technicians with great experience and high skills, that staff our appropriately organized and equipped work crews, and can fully execute all building works and electromechanical installations. These crews, if needed -and always depending on the specifications of each project- are assisted by carefully selected subcontractors, that keep long term collaboration with our company and can cope successfully with the demands on time and quality that we have set and maintained in all our projects. As a result from the aforementioned organization, our company takes on projects with increased demands of time and quality and manages to deal with them with immediacy and flexibility. Therefore, our company has the ability to complete high-standard projects -such as hotels, office buildings, industrial buildings, banks, residences and residential complexes, etc- in particularly short time.


Our philosophy is:

  • Absolute satisfaction of clients’ demands

This is our fundamental objective. We are constantly trying to fulfill our clients’ expectations regarding their investment on contemporary building constructions by executing and delivering on a turnkey basis contemporary building projects.

  • Construction of high quality projects

Our company has been undertaking and executing high quality projects, with great success until this day. It is characteristic that in most of our projects, we have collaborated with some of the best architecture firms in Greece, applying modern designs of high specifications.